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Tia was born from the realization that the healthcare system is missing just that: a system enabling health & wellbeing. Tia is the answer to the dehumanizing experiences that women of all backgrounds face navigating the healthcare system. We are rethinking the model of healthcare from the ground up – really asking: what does it mean to have a relationship with your care provider? What does it mean to think about your health every day? How can we get back to the basics and also leverage the cutting edge research in women’s preventive care? Tia is on a mission to define answers to these questions through building a whole new, distinctly female model of care.

We are on a mission to enable every female to achieve their own definition of optimal health through science-backed information, access to high-quality care, and community.

We opened our first clinic in 2019 in NYC, with more to follow in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco this year. Combining virtual and in-person visits, an unwavering commitment to care and accessibility, substantial growth capital and an incredible mission, Tia is poised for rapid growth over the coming years and is building out a world class team to support this expansion.

Tia is building a culture of excellence — in people, process and product. This is our northstar value;

What is excellence, exactly?

Excellence about constantly elevating yourself, it is the process of constantly striving to perform to the best of your abilities, and identifying your top potential through constant learning, experimentation and evolution. Excellence is not about achieving perfection, as that insinuates a pinnacle. Instead, in our terms, excellence is about the pursuit of constant improvement. We’re looking for people who want to go on that hard journey of constantly setting new personal records, and organizational records.   We practice excellence at Tia by demonstrating the following types of behaviors: We chose (and actively choose) excellence as Tia’s highest order value because it crystalizes into one word several behaviors that we hold dear, specifically:

A drive to constantly improve through experimentation, reflection. and an insatiable growth mindset — said another way, we’re energized by the possibility of invention, innovation, and iteration

Being present in and grateful for the journey — not just the goal line. Perfection is static. Excellence is a process (more on this important distinction below)

Asking why, then why again — because accepting “this is just the way it is” is not good enough

Grit & perseverance — a maker mentality that involves “rolling up your sleeves”, but also deep care for oneself and for others

A commitment to uncovering talents to unlock “rock star” potential across every individual

Furthermore, excellence reflects the “bigness” and the “boldness” of Tia’s mission and vision — a world in which every woman can achieve optimal health, as defined by herself.

Said another way, Tia’s mission is NOT to make healthcare incrementally better for women. Instead, we’ve intentionally set out to create a fundamentally new paradigm for modern women’s healthcare that’s truly excellent. We believe that creating a company that operates in a culture of excellence will manifest in our product. Reaching this goal is not an overnight pursuit or a “one and done.” We have not and will not “get it right” with the first swing. Rather, this higher order goal is a moving target — one we have not and will not ever fully “achieve.” By design, we will never be “done” with this work, but instead, we will be continuously in pursuit of our mission. It is this continuous pursuit — the journey, not the finish line — that truly embodies excellence.

Location: Remote (USA only - No sponsorship at this time)

Your Opportunity

At Tia, we believe that if you want to fix healthcare you have to fix it for patients and providers. Our responsibility is to ensure both patient and provider safety and accessibility.

As Tia’s Technology Support Specialist you will report to the IT Manager and be the face of the IT team. You will be responsible for triaging inbound support requests, training new employees, and training existing employees on new technologies and systems. This role also collaborates with multiple teams across the organization to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new employees.

About You:

You have 2-5 years of IT experience

Strong interest in learning and growing your problem-solving skills

Excellent prioritization skills and an ability to make decisions quickly

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

You have experience managing macOS, iOS, and Windows devices for remote employees

You have experience building out policies with MDM tools (we use Jamf)

Experience managing GSuite, Azure, and Okta environments

You have experience deploying software to end-user devices

You enjoy supporting and educating people on technology.

When you see a repeatable workflow, you automate it

You’re passionate about providing the best experience for our employees 

You don’t dwell on mistakes, you own them and use them as opportunities to learn and grow from

You demonstrate strong problem-solving skills because you need to know how things work in order to support them.

No matter how large, small, complex, or mundane the task, you follow through to the best of your ability and persevere through challenges.

What You’ll Do:

Manage all inbound support requests.

Provide support to all Tia employees on hardware and software systems

Administer and support Tia’s SaaS tools

Maintain a knowledge base of support articles for self-service support.

Work with other members of the IT team to implement new tools and improvements to existing tools

Work to design and implement technology training across the organization.

Collaborate with multiple teams to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new employees.

Work to identify potential issues and work across teams to implement solutions using tools like JamfPro, Zapier, Okta, or API calls.

Best Parts of the Role:

You’ll work with a small team that encourages you to learn new things

You’ll have a wide scope of responsibilities and make impactful change

You’ll use creativity to solve novel problems and be encouraged to learn new technologies to meet our business goals

You’ll have an experienced technical manager who deeply cares about your performance and career growth

Challenges of the Role:

You’ll have to work with different time zones and environments, such as our engineer team and clinical team

You’ll need to be able to navigate ambiguous situations

You’ll spend time helping other team members debug or fix device issues

You’ll be on a small team and you will be solely responsible for the workflows you own


San Francisco, California, United States